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 News & Highlights:

•January 17th 2015 - International residency opportunity - Call for applications. Issue date: 21st October (annually) 

• 2 year partnering announcement with Shammah Eco Centre 1st November 2013
Click here for more about Shammah Eco Centre


MISSION: "Empowering Diversity through programming, creative engagement and capacity development"

VISION: "Dare to dream…Dare to do"

What we do:

  • Programming:- Outreach interfacing with community, organizations and individuals through empowering, exciting and compelling, regular, creative and artistic programming.
  • Partnering:– Developing interconnection of cultural influences and creative collaboratiions through research, building partnerships, leadership and sharing value enhancement.
  • Capacity: - Training, mapping and capacity development through creative engagement.
  • Support:- Enhancement of the value and implementation of Professional Practice in sustainable business ecosystems positioning and building of social capital.
  • Venture:- Engaging creatively as a strategy for sustainable resource mobilization and environmental conservation.
  • Lobbying and advocacy:- Facilitative role, environmental leadership and conservation, art integration and service alliance. We engage the community through our programming lobbying and advocacy...more >


The Little Project is a collaborative organisation that advocates mutual assistance and support for all, with specific attention to the not-for-profit community in order to create a more efficient and effective non-profit sector.



Supporting individuals in their in their practice as a strategy of the Little Project. We aim to promote diversity in artistic practice with engaging residencies that create more impact and development in the communities with realizable impact clear.



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