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 News & Highlights:

• January 17th 2014 - International residency opportunity - Call for applications. Issue date: 21st October 2013

• 2 year partnering announcement with Shammah Eco Centre 1st November 2013
Click here for more about Shammah Eco Centre



Village Volunteers (VV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works in partnership with rural village and capacity-building programs to support the development of sustainable solutions for community survival, education, and growth.
Culturally Relevant and Sustainable Solutions.

Rather than hindering growth by creating a dependency on outside management, the Village Volunteers’ model is based on empowerment: all village projects are initiated, executed, and managed by locals. Village Volunteers supports local community efforts by providing grant writing assistance, developing income generating projects, and mobilizing the resources of volunteers worldwide.

Empowering Local Leaders Who Strengthen Communities
Committed to honoring community autonomy, Village Volunteers works in collaboration with community based organizations to implement sustainable solutions to community challenges.

Village Volunteers acknowledges that community members know how to solve their communities’ problems, but do not have access to the necessary resources and support. To that end, Village Volunteers brings together worldwide collaboration in support of inspired community leaders in Africa and Asia who empower local people, rely on indigenous resources, and build upon their existing cultural and economic context.

Cross Cultural Exchange
The opportunity for volunteers to live and work side-by-side with people in other parts of the world and to exchange knowledge, information, skills, and stories, gives everyone involved the opportunity to develop a meaningful common bond with our global community. The mandatory hospitality fees from Village Volunteers’ cadre of volunteers is sent ahead of arrival and will directly and indirectly support sustainable development programs in a host village.

Green Policy
We recognize that each and every one of us, individuals as well as organizations and businesses, must make a commitment to preserve and protect our environment.
Dedicated to preserving resources, we are committed to lessening our environmental footprint and strive to be a “carbon neutral” organization. Below are some of our key practices.

• Village Volunteers and partners promote appropriate technologies, renewable resources, conservation and innovation to enhance economic stability, community and environmental well being.

• We strive to be paperless in all ways possible, and rely heavily on technology to do so. All volunteer orientation materials are accessed online from our website, and we do not mail brochures or fundraising materials.
• To offset the carbon produced by the air travel for each volunteer, 10 moringa trees are planted in the tropical regions that we serve.

• We continuously apply sustainability principles to the way we operate our organization. We are committed to being proactive in our environmental stewardship and continually work on improving our sustainable practices.

The Little Project is involved in partnering with Village Volunteers in the WH project through creative community engagement: Talk to us if you need more information on it.

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